Monday, June 30, 2008

Yet Another Unplanned Expense

On Friday night, I heard a high pitched squeal and about 15 minutes later the refreshingly sweet aroma of burning rubber wafted through the house. The belt on the washer has broken. Again.

Since it's after 10 on Friday night, this means at least 3 days without a washer while I arrange for service, tell them the belt is broken, they come out, confirm that the belt is broken, tell me they need to order one because they didn't bring one with them and come back 2 days later (while I'm taking another day off work) to replace the belt. I can hardly wait. I called the home warranty company we use to schedule a repairman, and found out from an exceptionally rude customer service rep that they had the wrong expiration number for the credit card on my contract and so my warranty wasn't in effect and would I please go ahead and authorize a $600 charge? Um... no.

So I found a local repair company and they came out Monday morning and for only $64 told me that I needed a new belt and pump, at the discount price of only $300. For that, I might as well just go buy a brand new washer, much as I hate to have thrown away the $200 we dropped 6 years ago on our Amana dent and ding special. Son, happy birthday, you get a new washer! (No actually I took him to Game Stop and he got a new Playstation and DS game)

We found one at Lowe's, a Whirlpool WTW5500SQ Top Load Washer that we got for 10% off a reasonable $440 with free delivery and disposal. I was torn between paying that or the $499 for the 5700 but decided to go midline. Now I've been home and checked out the reviews, it looks like I'll either love it or completely hate it. Kind of wish I'd paid the extra $50 and gotten the more expensive one that everyone loves. It's not set to deliver until Wednesday, so maybe I'll call Lowe's tomorrow and see if they can change it.

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