Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Convert for Weebly

"We may be the oldest troop in Carrollton, but we finally have made it to the 21st century with technology.  Yeah!"

This quote from one of our scout parents really says it all about what Weebly can do at a free level.  Troop 121 never had a website, just a Google calendar with events on it, but from the time I was a Webelos leader gathering information about local troops for my Webelos den I felt 121's lack of a web presence.  When we joined the troop last year, I found and registered a domain, but getting content hosted and site design continued to be a challenge for me, since I needed basically free (or nearly free) services that could eventually be picked up by a scout 11-17 years of age.  Additionally there are concerns about avoiding things like banner ads, popups and anything generally incompatible with the BSA philosophy.

Enter Weebly.

In less than a day, I had a polished website with our basic content up and available to the world.  The professional quality pre-created designs, wealth of customizable features, and the start up price tag (free) all make this service an amazing resource for those who may not have all the skills needed to set up a website from scratch.  Integration with Google apps means that I can set up an entire communications platform for my troop and email aliases on the fly and with an interface that's already familiar to many people.  Is can't say enough great things about Weebly and what it's done for my troop.  I'd almost be willing to keep the "Create a free website with Weebly" tag even if we do decide to purchase upgraded services, just to do my bit to spread the word.

Check out Weebly at www.weebly.com
and see what you can do with it when you
Check out the Troop 121 website at www.scouttroop121.org

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